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This collection of scroll paintings was given to Lingnan University by the Lingnan Foundation in America in 2008, together with a group of watercolours and sketches produced by Mr Szto Wai, an alumni and former faculty member of the University. The paintings are primarily by former members of the Guangdong National Painting Research Society (Guangdong guohua yanjiu hui), one of the largest painting associations during the Republican period in China (1912-1949). Its stance was to revive the traditions of Chinese painting without assimilating Western ideas. The artists represented in the collection include leading figures of the Society such as Huang Bore (1901-1968), Deng Fen (1894-1964), Li Fengting (1883-1967) and Zhao Haogong (1881-1947). Many of these paintings were exhibited at an exhibition on “Contemporary Chinese Painting” at the National Arts Club in New York in 1947.

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